Staying Confident and Dedicated when Things are out of Your Control

May 10, 2020

Staying Confident and Dedicated when Things are out of Your Control

We're expected to confidently go through life while staying dedicated to our priorities, but how can we do that when we have no control over what’s going on around us? Not to mention, society sets implied standards that pressure personal changes and adaptations to mold into the "norm"? ⁠ Keeping your head up during a global pandemic is a challenge in itself!
Keep your confidence high and dedication higher with these 5 tips!

1. Know the personal values, qualities, and characteristics that make you, YOU.
Practice and preach them in all aspects of your life. Passion reveals confidence.
2. Hop off the bandwagon, seriously⁠⠀
Don't give in to any practice or trend that doesn't resonate with you and your values. ⁠⠀
Be different-- If you're doing something no one has done before, there's no comparison necessary.
3. Daily Self-affirmations⁠⠀
Reassurance and reflection are two huge parts of personal growth. Take the time to reflect on your past thoughts/actions in order to frame goals for the future!
For reassurance, practice internal and external manifestation-- "I am confident", "I am smart", "I am fit”. “I can make this happen", etc. ⁠⠀

4. Get a little sweaty
Limited access to your normal routine makes life difficult right now, but doing an at-home workout, whether it’s programmed from your CrossFit Box or, or something you came up with on your own or saw online, will help. Even if all you can muster up is a walk, you’ll feel better for it.

5. Manage a balanced diet
Don’t let lack of structure around meal times lead to over or under eating, or going straight for the snacks. Manage a healthy and balanced intake. If you can afford to hire a nutrition coach, it might be a good time for some accountability.


Blog post contributed by:  Camryn Shulsinger

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