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Boost Energy Patches - 28 Pack

Boost Energy Patches - 28 Pack

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  • Patch Up
  • All Natural
  • 100% Gluten-Free
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Lactose-Free
  • 100% Latex-Free
  • GMP Certified - Good Manufacturing Practices

Get all-natural, all-day energy-without the crash! Antioxidants join Yerba Mate, Green Coffee, and Green Tea for a healthier caffeine fix on the go.

Get the same focus as a cup of coffee, without the jitters or crash! The discreetly wearable Boost patch stays on all day to help resist mental and physical fatigue-while strengthening your immune system.

Suggested use

Apply patch to any clean, dry, venous area such as inside of wrist or ankle. Wear up to 12 hours to enjoy effects. Peel off patch when ready to discard. Moisture resistant.

Other ingredients

(1 Patch):

Guarana extract 22% (4 mg.) yerba mate (4 mg.) green coffee extract (3 mg.) green tea extract (3 mg.) agmatine sulfate (2 mg.) fat soluble vitamin blend (2 mg.) orange citrus fragrance oil (1 mg.).


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