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Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

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The Stability You Need To Keep Pushing Forward!

The progress you make in the gym relies on multiple factors – the most important one being how you distribute pressure on your low back and surrounding muscles.

With the Self-Locking™ Weightlifting Belt by Element 26, controlling that factor can be crossed out from the equation!

The sturdy, durable nylon along with the self-locking buckle ensures your low back and abdominals are completely stabilized without risking injury, allowing you to continually improve your weightlifting numbers.

  • Quick-release buckle for faster transitions
  • Uniform profile for optimal stability
  • Crafted from 100% premium nylon for maximum durability
  • Infinitely adjustable for perfect pressure distribution
  • Lifetime warranty

Keep reaching all-new fitness heights with competition-approved support for your body!

Comes in black, navy and white.  Colors chosen at random.


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