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Element26 Knee Wraps

Element26 Knee Wraps

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Next Level Compression For Top Athletic Feats

Adding weight to your lifts and squats will only take you as far as your knees allow it. But when the pain kicks in or you start seeing signs of swelling, it’s best to gear yourself up with the absolute champion in terms of wrap pressure and performance.

Element 26’s Knee Wraps have been made with these aspects of intensive training in mind. We know very well that when a gym enthusiast is set on destroying their PRs, then nothing should stand between them and their goal. 

Which is why they made sure that everything, right from the hybrid blend of cotton and elastic down to the application technique, delivers just the right amount of compression, support, and bounce you need to take on your desired weight load.

So why risk it and let your legs take the toll? Wrap up and take on any challenge knowing that durability and safety are on your side!

  • Crafted from a hybrid blend of cotton and elastic for improved mobility
  • Tuck-in fastening for easy application and a firm hold during use
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for a comfortable, zero-rash experience
  • Optimal thickness for the perfect joint compression and safety


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